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Private Client Wills and Probate

We can advise you on making your Will, applying for a Grant of Probate after someone has died and a range of other related matters which we call 'Private Client Work'. Making a Will is important if you want to make sure the people you wish to benefit after your death actually receive what you intended.

When someone has died, especially if it is a close relative, sorting out their affairs can be daunting at a very emotional time. We can take care of things for you by gathering the relevant information, preparing the appropriate documents in order to obtain the Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration if the person died without leaving a Will), collecting all of the assets of the estate and paying off any debts. Finally, paying to those who are entitled the money due to them from the estate.

In addition we can advise in relation to Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Trust and Disputed Wills.

Elderly clients sometimes need to be treated with particular sensitivity and care to ensure they understand what the effect of their instructions might be. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with such situations and will explain things in a straightforward easy to follow way making sure that the clients wishes are carried out.

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