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Criminal Defence

If you are accused of a crime no matter how minor or serious, we are here to help. It might be to do with drugs, violence, fraud, sexual offences or road traffic offences - we deal with them all. We can represent you in Confiscation Proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Our Criminal Defence team of lawyers enables us to offer all our clients the expert professional help they need when faced with the possibility of being interviewed at a Police Station, appearing in the Magistrates Court or before the Crown Court before a Judge and Jury.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors are all accredited Duty Solicitors. They all have substantial experience of dealing with a whole range of offences in the Police Station and in the Magistrates Courts. Thereafter we have the benefit of a network of highly regarded Barristers to enable us to offer you the best possible legal representation whether it be under Legal Aid or at competitive private rates. For the avoidance of doubt, legal advice and assistance in the Police Station is free under the Legal Aid Scheme.

Legal Aid may be available in the Magistrates Court and is always available for cases in the Crown Court albeit subject to your financial circumstances. Because serious problems can arise at any time we operate a 24 hour 'On-Call Solicitor' for anyone who is arrested and taken to the Police Station. All you need to do is to tell the Police you want a Defence Solicitor from John Mohamed & Co. The Police will contact the appropriate referral service (DSCC) who will call our 'On-Call Solicitor' who will be available to help you.

Remember, it costs you nothing to have expert help and guidance whilst you are in the Police Station. Why face this stressful event alone? We will help you in a professional, effective and sympathetic way.

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