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We will advise you if you are contemplating buying or selling a commercial property, be it a small unit or a factory premises. Likewise, if you are considering taking or granting a lease of commercial premises. Leases of commercial premises can be extremely lengthy and complicated documents which will include covenants from both the landlord and tenant which can involve significant costs for the parties. Before entering into any agreement you should take professional advice to safeguard against incurring hidden costs - preferably before you agree with a landlord or their agent to take a lease.

We will take your instructions as to the terms that have been agreed and convert these into the documentation which is required to give effect to the transaction. We will draft the lease and other documents so you can rest assured that everything has been done correctly. After all, leases can be effective for many years and it is essential that they are prepared professionally.

We will provide you with information as to the costs which will be incurred from the outset and deal with your transaction competently and efficiently at a fair cost.

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