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Musla Ahmed


Musla Ahmed BSc. (Hons)

Specialities: Criminal Defence

Musla is a Solicitor-Advocate and Director at John Mohamed & Co. He joined the firm in 2007 and has developed a fearless and respected attitude to defending clients at the Police Station and in Court.

Musla grew up in Coventry, attending President Kennedy School. He studied Politics and Law at University in London, before embarking upon a career in Law. His first inspiration to go into Law came when "shadowing" a Barrister at Wood Green Crown Court in London.

"After that I was hooked".

He was 'called' as a Barrister in 2002 and then qualified and entered the 'roll' becoming a Solicitor in 2006. Now, full circle, he is a Solicitor-Advocate.

"I've been around the block".

Musla enjoys a challenge, relishes opportunities to fight a good cause and to represent the underdog.

"I like to count my blessings where I find them, so why not - it's a win-win"

He remains passionate about ensuring his clients are given the best advice and opportunity to be heard. Quite often, Musla undertakes pro bono work as a means of giving back and helping those that clearly need assistance.

"After all, when you're accused of a crime - whether innocent or not, it's the State that investigates and prosecutes.. they have the resources, they have the muscle. We have to do our level best to redress the balance, to make sure it's as fair a fight as it can be" - its this determination which gives us the edge.

At the Police Station

He has substantial experience of Police Station work.

Notable case includes:

Mr. E arrested for murder following a fight in Rugby Town Centre. Mr. E had never been in trouble with the Police and was understandably frightened - faced with the gravest of allegations. Musla advised and represented Mr. E to ensure that his account of self-defence was made clear in spite of the opinions of the interviewing Police Officers as to the CCTV footage of the incident. Musla was able to redress the balance by challenging the Police Officers interpretation of the footage. Mr. E was released on bail and subsequently the Police advised that no further action would be taken, to Mr. E's great relief.

At the Magistrates Court

Musla has substantial experience of trial advocacy in the Magistrates Court. He regularly appears in the Court representing our clients for all kinds of offences.

He represented Mrs. S, a teacher, who risked losing her career because of an allegation of criminal damage. Despite the seemingly overwhelming evidence, he was able to successfully argue that the Prosecution had not proved the case against Mrs. S. She left Court with her good character intact.

Crown Court Litigation

Musla prepares cases for the Crown Court. These are the more serious cases - Musla represented Mr. P accused of rape. Mr. P had no criminal history, who maintained his innocence. His defence was that sexual intercourse was consensual. Musla persistently sought disclosure of significant material from the Prosecution, which it was believed, undermined the Prosecution's case. As a result, the case was dropped without a trial and Mr. P discharged from the proceedings, a free man with no convictions.


Musla represented a youth who had been sentenced to a 20 month Detention and Training Order, which was reduced to 12 months on appeal to the Crown Court.

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"We are here to help - not judge - that would be someone else's job."
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