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Residential Conveyancing

We aim to offer competitive quotes for the work we do on your Residential Sale or Purchase.

The costs include the fee we charge for doing the work which is tailored to your needs and also the additional costs which we incur called "disbursements". These will vary from one transaction to another but will include search fees in relation to a purchase, Land Registration fees, Bank transfer charges and insurance policy costs.

In our written quotation we will set out clearly the costs which will be incurred in relation to your sale and purchase and advise you of any additional costs which might arise.

You will find below of "Fee Guide" for Sales and Purchases of Freehold and Leasehold Property together with the details of additional charges which may be incurred depending upon the transaction.

We have also prepared a Disbursements Guide.

For Sales and Purchases of Property in excess of £600,000 we will provide a quotation once we have details of the property and transaction. Please call us to enable us to provide you with this quotation.

All our fees exclude VAT and Disbursements.

Freehold Property

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Leasehold Property

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